Prototype AIS - AD Elantra, MK3 Focus ST/RS, MK4 Focus ST-Line

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In the endeavours to always expand the range the following AIS are available for testing.

$30 plus shipping, I'll provide a range of fasteners for testing and ask for images of the install, any revisions would then be sent at my expense should they be required.

Currently available: 
- MK 3 Focus ST/RS
- MK 4 Focus ST-Line

Available in the near future:

- AD Elantra with the 1.6 Turbo

Please use the notes for colours, available options see the pde4 I30N listing, other options may be available on request. 

Current Images

#1 - MK3 ST/RS with an orange scoop
#2 - MK4 ST-Line with a grey scoop

Also always interested in other models so welcome to contact me to start the process with your model of car.

- King3D&PC