Ford Focus MK2 XR5 Air Intake Scoop

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3D Printed Air Intake Scoop (AIS)

Designed for the XR5 owners that have removed the standard air intake system and now have a pod or the RS intake on the passenger side of the car.

Redirects cool air from the front of the grill directly into the engine bay so that first gulp of air is as cool as possible. Can increase aesthetics, throttle response and intake noise.

Due the design of the car this is only available in a single solid colour and will require cutting of the top radiator shroud and the use of a self tapping fixtures (not included).

Printed in ABS so will not warp under sunlight. The product is not coated and may fade over time, UV protective coatings are available. Other products offered using these colours after one year are yet to have issues.

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