Oil Cooler Brackets

Posted by Kyal King on

Project was to develop oil cooler brackets for the Hyundai I30N with one very important rule - needs to be installed with NO cutting to the vehicle.

Prior to even pulling the bumper off the car through the use of CAD and 3D printing a 1:1 scale bracket assembly was printed and tested. The mounting dimensions of the oil cooler were also known so a base plate replicating the oil cooler was also printed.

These were tested on the car and allowed fast turn around without needing to waste a large amount of time and metal during the prototyping phase.

After some updates for better fitment and easier installation the final brackets are laser cut, folded and powder coated.

First metal folded bracket compared to the 3D printed test piece
Oil 2    


Mid Testing

Oil Cooler1


Final Product installed