Custom 3D Printing

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 Offering affordable 3D printing services in Adelaide

  • Print your designed files or freely available designs
  • Printing starts from $5 with affordable scaling to print larger models
  • Part of my fee will be to tip the original designer if sourced free online
  • Multiple machines with bed sizes up to 280mm x 250mm x 300mm
  • PLA and ABS materials are held with a wide colour range of ABS
  • Poly Carbonate / Nylon / Carbon Fibre filaments can also be used but additional cost and wait times may be incurred

Thingiverse and Grabcad have extensive uploads as examples of a free design library 


If you are after a specific hook, a camera mount, toothbrush holder, bolt sizer etc send me an email and we'll discuss your needs.

Boaty pictured is made from PA6-CF